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Previous research

Past research
RECENT PROJECTS - some of the research I have completed over the last few years
  • Research at Bristol Record Office for TV production company Wall to Wall.
  • The Quaker family ‘Dean’ of Nailsworth Monthly Meeting
  • Miller family of Ozleworth and Bristol
  • Cheltenham Female Refuge and similar homes for fallen women in Gloucester & Cheltenham [gathering data for academic]
  • George Adams and Tetbury Cinema fire
  • Dr James McCabe, Cheltenham
  • What happened to Nellie Cleaver?
  • Are the John & Elizabeth Cleaver of Tetbury the same family as the John & Elizabeth Cleaver of Banbury as is suggested online? (just in case you are wondering - No!)
  • Linking James Sealy of Frome, SOM and transported to Tasmania, and the Sealy family of Tetbury
  • Can you help me find my grandmother’s burial place - she died in Nairobi.
  • Can you help me find information about my father - I never knew him?
  • House history, land ownership and other property information - Tetbury, Stroud and Purton
  • My father was adopted but wants to know what happened to his mother
  • My ancestors use a family coat of arms but are we entitled to it or was it just adopted when we emigrated to Virginia? The resulting research from this ended up proving the English ancestry of Nancy Astor.
  • My ancestor came over to America in the 1600s, can you help to find their English ancestry?
  • My ancestor may have been mentioned in works by author Henry James, he was the sexton of Porlock but was he the same as the sexton mentioned by HJ? (yes he was, and a very interesting character too!)
  • The Cochrane family
  • Moravian church records at Bristol University special collections

In 2016 Lynne solved the mystery of the origins of my London ancestor James Cochrane - he was christened in Almondsbury in 1784.  She discovered his siblings, and that he was named in his uncle's 1816 will.  The big surprise was that his father, William, signed the family surname 'Cockram' at his marriage, and William had a brother James who tried to contact him in 1824 for unknown reasons.  New mysteries yet to be solved!  Thanks to Lynne for leading this genealogical search party through the 18th and early 19th century West Country and digging up so much fascinating detail about my ancestors - especially William Cockram/Cochrane, gardener of Hadspen House and Westbury on Trym.
Neil C, Toronto, Canada Dec 2016.

Hope you can put the following on your website:  If you are researching your Family Tree for Gloucestershire relatives and especially the Cheltenham area I can thoroughly recommend Lynne as your researcher. She has given me great help with areas to search that I had not thought of and done that for me, sometimes without prompting from me and that has been very useful.  Her knowledge is second to none and also you will find her hourly rates very reasonable. In fact some of the charges have been pro rata for the time spent: if it took 30 minutes I was charged for 30 minutes and not the full hourly rate as some do.  Lynne is always happy to answer any questions no matter how trivial they might seem to me to be.  In 3 months Lynne has found out more about my Cheltenham relatives than I had found in 10 years.
Oct 2012 SB

I just wanted to let you know that the findings at Tetbury have proved very helpful indeed.
P O’N Aug 2012

Thank you so very much fro all of your detailed hunt / efforts. We do appreciate you have been locked in dusty libraries when the weather has been tempting and beautiful!
MH Aug 2012

I was particularly happy to see the criminal record of WH. My late father always maintained that a family member had been transported for sheep stealing. I thought it was one of his tall tales but now it it proves he had the basis of the story correct. I feel duty bound to pass the story on to my children. The background information you included was very illuminating in rounding out the lives of my ancestors.
RH Wales Feb 2009

I am still reading the material that you sent me.  I'm too excited to be able to read it all properly but have got the gist.  I am absolutely thrilled, thank you! Thank you so much for the work that you have done, you have really struck gold for me!  I have been too giddy to do anything remotely sensible today, I've just gone around with a silly grin on my face
EG Sept 2011

Thank you for your wonderful and prompt service. I've received all the documents.
BD Australia May 2008

Thank-you so much for your report on the McCabe and Martin Families. It is just fantastic as I would never be able to find all of that info here or over in England.
MC New Zealand Oct 2010

Wow - what a lot of interesting facts to read - thank you! I know all the Thomas's in Canada and the USA will be as delighted as I am to learn more about the family's history.
PJ Dec 2011

Many many thanks for this - a fantastic early Christmas present! I am so pleased to read what the Gloucester Journal had to say - had been sure that they must have been something.
JM Dec 2011

Thank you for the report and tree! You have done an excellent job putting everything together in a concise and easy to understand way (especially considering the subject material!)……... I really appreciate all you have done and this information will be treasured for generations to come!
TC Feb 2016

I will wait for the research - you are worth waiting for!
DH Jun 2016

Thank you so much for your wonderful research—poor Thomas, a lost soul!
I am looking forward to sitting back and reading in detail all that you have collected. Unfortunately family arrive this afternoon, and then it will be crazy for a week or so—but something to look forward to (reading the history, not the crazy kids).
SM Dec 2015
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